Practice Areas

Collective Investment Schemes

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We register and list foreign and Swiss collective investment schemes in Switzerland for a wide range of clients. Our firm further advises as to maintaining registration with FINMA and listing of ETFs at SIX Swiss Exchange and also provides advice on the regulatory requirements applicable to the marketing of collective investment schemes in Switzerland.

In addition, we offer an efficient and close cooperation with a number of  reputable Swiss representatives in order to ensure compliance with Swiss regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, we provide advice on tailoring and negotiating a wide range of agreements specific to the investment fund business, as well as on special transactions such as fund mergers or selection/change of domicile.

Structured Products and Leverage Products

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Offering of Structured Products and Leverage Products

We provide our clients with advice in relation to the non-public and public offering with or without prospectus duty of structured products and leverage products in Switzerland including the assessment of the investor qualification as well as the drafting of the required legal and regulatory offering documentation, the creation and submission of IBT (Internet Based Terms) XML and the drafting or review of supplementary documents.

Our lawyers are specialised in advising on new and complex product structures, also providing additional feedback on the economic parameters of structured products. 


Listing of Structured Products and Leverage Products

All our lawyers are recognised by SIX Swiss Exchange AG as competent listing specialist representatives pursuant to Art. 58a of the SIX Swiss Exchange “Listing Rules”.

This recognition allows us to assist our clients with the listing of structured products and leverage products and handle the respective regulatory requirements such as the creation and submission of the IBL (Internet Based Listing) XML as well as the treatment of life cycle events. 


Taxation of Structured Products and Leverage Products

Our certified tax experts provide advice on all taxation aspects with respect to structured products and leverage products. They furthermore assist our clients by obtaining tax rulings with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration for new and complex product structures. 

Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Assets 

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Legal and regulatory Matters relating to Blockchain Technology

We advise our clients on legal issues in relation to distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as regulatory questions on applications running on a blockchain, the maintenance and structuring of existing set-ups running or supporting blockchain technology or the implementation of crypto currencies in existing financial institutions. In addition, we are happy to be the clients’ partner to contemplate the use of blockchain in the financial industry. 


Tokenisation of Assets

We assist our clients in all legal matters around the tokenisation of assets (e.g., debt, equity or non-bankable assets). This includes but is not limited to the setting up of necessary corporate issuance structures or systems on a blockchain to generate a digital asset and the required documentation around it. Also, we can assist in the area of regulatory clarifications such as the categorisation of a token and the resulting legal consequences. 

Financial Services and Financial Institutions

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We not only provide our services to larger financial domestic and foreign institutions such as banks and securities firms, but also to smaller and mid-size firms in the financial sector in relation to any financial service provided in Switzerland or to clients in Switzerland. 

We provide advice regarding the establishment of appropriate company structures and obtain the required FINMA licenses, provide support in relation to entry in the client advisor register and/or the affiliation with an ombudsman’s office.

Our expertise in the regulatory field covers the needs of Swiss and foreign asset managers. We provide advice to asset managers in relation to the application and maintaining of FINMA licenses and in the area of compliance with regulatory requirements.